Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thing 20

Wow - am I really at 20 already!!?!?! Awesome!

And even more awesome is that thing 20 is exploring YouTube. I was kinda surprised this was included - doesn't EVERYONE who knows anything about the internet know about YouTube? Maybe I'm over assuming but I feel like YouTube is pretty widely used. Anyhou, I'll use this as an excuse to poke around YouTube....

Among my favorite YouTube videos are:

One Semester of Spanish Love Song -
Baby Dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies"

I also enjoy looking for clips of old TV shows... like Sesame Street ( or Animaniacs (

But I also know that YouTube can be for more than just a good laugh. There are instructional videos on anything under the sun that patrons (or librarians could use to learn a new skill).

Anyhou, I love YouTube. Who doesn't?

Thing 19, 4 to go!

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