Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thing 18

Thing 18 is expirimenting with online document creation sites (like Google Docs and Zoho Writer - I had honestly never heard of Zoho, though I have used Google Docs).

I think websites like these are great. Purchasing Microsoft Office can be somewhat expensive and so for people that only use document creation software occasionally it makes no sense to spend the money. Sites like Google Docs and Zoho have pretty much every feature that Office does.

There are also additional features (like being able to share a document between people without having multiple versions around) about these kinds of websites that make them valuable.

As far as how this might be useful as a reference librarian, I can see two diffierent uses. First, the sharing capability would be great for any kind of collaborative project (like a grant proposal or something). I can also see recommending it to patrons - saving documents on Google Docs or Zoho would eliminate the need for a flash drive for people that cannot afford one.

17 Down, 6 to go - home stretch!

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