Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thing 21

Thing 21 is similar to Thing 20 (YouTube) except that instead of searching for videos on one site, I'm tasked with searching for audio files. I am not at all familiar with this (like I am with YouTube). So here goes!

Since I'm already familiar with Yahoo, I'll use Yahoo Podcasts as my podcast search engine. Except psych - Yahoo doesn't have a podcast search engine anymore. Back to the drawing board - and from there to Podcast Alley (the only of the 3 Podcast Search Engines listed on the 23 Things Blog that still exists). Except this still requires software to be downloaded so if I'm going to download software I might as well use I-tunes. Sigh... can I just go back to watching videos on YouTube?

Anyhou... waiting for I-tunes to download (and watching some sweet Sesame Street on YouTube while I wait)..... I-tunes is downloaded now (it's now importing the music on my computer into my I-tunes library. I see that there is a podcast tab.... but the podcasts in I-tunes you have to buy from the I-tunes store. So I'm giving up. I'm also giving up because I should have been in bed like half an hour ago.

Anyhou, it's quite possible that Podcasts are very useful and I'd like to learn more about them. But I'm frustrated and tired.

20 down, 3 to go!

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