Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thing 22

As an avid user of audiobooks, I've been meaning for awhile to check out sites like NetLibrary that provide downloadable audiobooks that are free to download (a library you have access to has to subscribe to the service though).

NetLibrary is an easy enough site to use. There is a browse option that breaks the 2,000+ e-audiobooks into subjects like children's fiction, humor, biography, and classics. There is also the option to browse all titles. Additionally, there is both a basic search and an advanced search option - which allow searching by title, author, keyword, subject, narrator, etc.

Though the number of e-audiobooks Net Library has avaiable seems like they have a decent collection, there were a few popular titles I searched for (both via searching and browsing) and wa not able to locate them. Most notalby, none of the Harry Potter (or anything narrated by Jim Dale) are available, which I found a bit surprising.

I think the usefullness of NetLibrary as a librarian is that it allows me to catch up on what's new while doing other things by listening to an e-audiobook. Because there are indeed too many books and too little time.

21 down, 2 to go!

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