Monday, October 12, 2009

Thing 11

Now we come to a website that I absolutely ADORE. I was introduced to LibraryThing a number of years ago by a friend who is an avid reader. Ever since then I've become a LibraryThing addict.

If you're not familiar with LibraryThing - shame on you! :) Just kidding.... LibraryThing is a book lover's paradise. As a Type A personality, I thoroughly enjoy the fact that you can catalog your personal library - which I have definitely done and always catalog new books when I get them. Here's my catalog on LibraryThing Though I use the catalog to keep track of what I have, I know of others that use the catalog feature as a "reading log" of sorts - things they've read and things they want to read.

But there are tons of other aspects to LibraryThing (the catalog is what I love the most). There are groups, discussion boards, recommendations.... I just discovered that I can see what series, awards, characters, and places are part of my library which I think is pretty cool.

I've used this site several times in my work as a reference assistant when doing Reader's Advisory. NoveList is often slow to load on our reference desk computers, so I'll often use the reccomendations portion of LibraryThing as an alternative.

So in summary, I LOVE LIBRARYTHING because of it's usefulness both personally and professonally!!! :)

11 down, 12 to go!

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