Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thing 6

More fun with photos - this time it's Flickr 3rd party applications and mashups. There are a couple different ones discussed in the 23 Things instructions for this week. One, Mappr, seems to have been superseded by Flickr's geotagging function (see my last post for discussion of this) and once you go to the site, it pretty much doesn't exist.

Another Flickr Color Picker is quite interesting in that you choose a color from a pallete (and there are many different palletes) and it will find and stream pictures from Flickr that are that color. It was really interesting to expiriment with the different patterns.....

The one I found most interesting though was Montagr This tool creates mosaics of pictures that have the tag you type into the search box. And if that wasn't cool enough, the shape of the mosaic IS a picture from Flickr (that also has the tag you typed in. You can also mouse over all the little pictures and see them a little bigger. If you click on the small photo, that photo will become the "model" for the mosaic - so amazing. I am completely in awe of the person that thought this up and then actually had the techie know how to do it. Makes me feel like a doofus when it comes to technology!

6 down, 17 to go!

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