Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thing 8

Thing #8 is experimenting with Bloglines, which is a site that allows you to see if there are new posts on many individual blogs without having to go to each blog separately. There are tons of popular blogs listed on Bloglines that you can simply select OR you have the option of typing/pasting in a URL of any blog that isn't listed. This site was definitely user friendly enough.... And if I were a follower of blogs, I think this could have great benefits - time saving galore. As a librarian, this site is a great way to keep up with new things - technology, books, current events, things in the library science realm, etc. Now if only there were a similar site for e-mail so I wouldn't have to check 3 different e-mail addresses! :) (And yes, I know I could have mail forwarded but it's easier for me to keep them seperate because 1 I use for school, 1 I use for junk, and the 3rd I use for personal stuff & work.)

8 down, 15 to go!

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