Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thing 9

Thing 9 is continuing to explore Bloglines and RSS feeds, more specifically finding blogs that are not listed in Bloglines and adding those to my feed. I first tried searching Bloglines for more blogs to add to my feed. I just simply searched for "library" and was able to find a Library Journal book review blog, which could be really helpful. Once I found the blog and clicked on it, I was brought to the actual homepage of the blog, where it was then easy enough to subsribe to the RSS feed (there was a lot of clicking to do though, which I find annoying sometimes).

Finding a blog outside of Bloglines and then adding it to my feeds was a little more difficult. I went to a blog of a radio station that I listen to, clicked on "subscribe to our RSS feed", elected to subscribe to the blog via Bloglines, which brought me to the now somewhat familiar Bloglines subscribe page, and then I don't recall what happened after that but the blog wasn't added to my feed. I then elected to just subsribe on Bloglines using the URL of the blog. I tried doing this process for a second blog, and it worked as it should without having to go the URL route so I don't know what I did wrong.

So how does finding new blogs and adding them to my Blogline feed benefit me/help me do my job as a librarian better? Well I suppose the generic answer is that I know how to do it and thus can help patrons do so. It is also beneficial to be aware of blogs as another potential source of information and to know how to find the information that's available within blogs efficiently. And I'm sure there's tons of other reasons for me to have this knowledge as well, but these two are the most obvious for me at this moment.

9 down, 14 to go.

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